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Kimono No Kobeya features the largest selection of authentic Japanese kimonos this side of the Pacific.  Styles range from casual, ready-to-wear pieces to formal, traditional robes... which come with personal instructions on the proper way to wear these special garments. We also do kimono appraisals.

About Mikko Nakatomi

As a kimono specialist and dresser, Mikko Nakatomi feels it is important to preserve traditional Japanese culture.  She often visits schools to teach the history of kimono and demonstrate kimono dressing.

More than Kimonos

Visit Kimono No Kobeya for Japanese gifts, tea ceremony utensils and more.

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Because Mikko only brings one of each color or style of kimono back from each trip to Japan, the store's selection is constantly changing. Please call to find out what's available or make a special request for the next trip.

Kimono No Kobeya

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